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In 1997 our founder, Bipin Patel, introduced Tipu’s Chai at the small Indian restaurant he owned in Missoula, MT. It soon became so popular that Bipin began bottling a concentrate in order to give other businesses the opportunity to serve his delicious chai in their restaurants and coffee shops. By 2009, we were able to change facilities and make the Concentrate Certified Organic and Kosher, as well as expanding our bottling to include Decaffeinated and retail quart bottles. In 2010, we introduced our Instant Black Chai, a water soluable blend of tea and spices that allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by not shipping water and it is catching on very well. In 2011 we are redesigning all the dry product packaging and will have Organic and kosher certification for almost all of our products. Since then we have introduced many additions to our Tipu's Chai Now line of instant products. 

Tipu's Chai has been running an online shopping cart since 2008.  In 2010, we gave it a major facelift as well as increased its security and functionality.  If you experience any malfunction or difficulty placing an order, please contact us at info@tipuschai.com or 888-506-2424 and we will get things fixed.  We appreciate your patience and LOVE to get emails from our online customers!

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Tipu's Chai
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