Tipu's Chai Masala won I Try Chai's 2021 Chai of the Year!


We are beaming with pride. Our very own Masala won I Try Chai's 2021 Chai of the Year!

Jasmine from I Try Chai is not your normal chai aficionado. I Try Chai is her website where she reviews and rates chai (in her words, "filtering out the fake chai from the real ones"), tests equipment, provides recipes, and amazing photography and graphics to boot. All that said, this is not a simple award to win. Jasmine's palate is primed for perfection. 

As Jasmine puts it, "This chai is *packed* with flavor! It really does live up to the sweet, bold and spicy taste that was promised.... This is the perfect bold and spicy chai for the on-the-go chai lover, as it's already sweetened, you don't event need to strain it! Simply add in your water and milk, stir and sip!"

Music to our ears. Thank you, Jasmine! 

We would highly suggest following Jasmine on Instagram and keeping up to her website.

Here is a wonderful post on "10 Things Every Chai Lover Needs" (including Tipu's Masala, of course.) 

In 2019 Jasmine wrote an in-dept review on our Masala Chai, so be sure to check it out by clicking here.

And lastly, she did an exclusive interview with us on our values, what we believe makes us better than other chais out there, and the history of Tipu's Chai which you can read here.

Try our Masala Chai today!



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